april 19 - may 19

Superbia brings together nine artists to explore identity with the aim of highlighting the impact of societal taboos and restraints, encouraging a revolution for how we feel.

superbia / april 19 - may 19

This exhibition reflects the importance of individuality and the solitude of non-conformity, using it as a foundation of discussion for how this influences the way we feel about ourselves. Superbia celebrates identity and the human body through depiction of decriminalisation of gender and sexuality, cultural traditions, race, and heritage.

“Our work is personal, political, uncensored and inquisitive.
This is our approach to identity and it will be discomforting.”

A display of textiles, ceramics, sculpture, painting, calligraphy, and installation aids in submerging visitors of the show to a visual representation of an eclectic mix of identities coming together to examine the concept of self.